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Supplementary Instructional Materials   

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Copyright law permits the showing of motion pictures and other audiovisual materials in the classroom of a public school as long as the showing is part of "face-to-face" instruction and not presented for recreational or entertainment purposes. Whether purchased or rented, video materials bearing the label "for home use only" come under this provision and may be used for planned, direct classroom instruction.

Audiovisual materials may not be used as a reward, a time-filler, for entertainment, or fund-raisers.

Audiovisual materials used as a supplement to an instructional unit must have direct instructional value and relevance to the subjects being taught, and must be appropriate for the students' ages.

Films that have been given a rating for mature audiences should only be used after the teacher has informed the school principal, and the parents of the students have been given the opportunity to exempt their children from seeing the film. Students who have been exempted from seeing a film that is rated for mature audiences must be provided a related alternate assignment and must be provided supervision during the class showing of the film.


approved: June 25, 2002 Petaluma, California