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Legal Resources | United States Code, Title 20 |    1407  

State Administration   

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(a) Rulemaking.--Each State that receives funds under this title shall--

(1) ensure that any State rules, regulations, and policies relating to this title conform to the purposes of this title; (2) identify in writing to local educational agencies located in the State and the Secretary any such rule, regulation, or policy as a State-imposed requirement that is not required by this title and Federal regulations; and (3) minimize the number of rules, regulations, and policies to which the local educational agencies and schools located in the State are subject under this title.

(b) Support and Facilitation.--State rules, regulations, and policies under this title shall support and facilitate local educational agency and school-level system improvement designed to enable children with disabilities to meet the challenging State student academic achievement standards.

(Amended by P.L., Sec.608.)