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Chapter 11 Special Programs Subchapter 20.5 Enhancing Education Through Technology Grant Program Eligibility Requirements   

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To be eligible for EETT competitive grant funding, applicants must:

(a) Meet the definition of a school district, as referenced above in Section 11973(a);

(b) Have a district technology plan as required by Education Code Sections 52295.35 and 51871.5 and by Public Law 107-110, Title II, Part D Section 2414 (20 USC Section 6764);

(c) Apply for the EETT competitive grant;

(d) Complete EETT Forms 1-7 (see Section 11975, (a)-(g)) and, when applicable Forms 8a, 8b, and 8c and 9, (see Section 11975, (h)-(k));

(e) Complete the application narrative;

(f) Submit the EETT Competitive application not later than the due date specified by the CDE to the California Department of Education, Education Technology Office, located at 1430 N Street, Sacramento, CA, 95814;

(g) Pass the CDE pre-screening for application completeness and format that includes having all of the required application components, including completed EETT Forms 1-9 as applicable, original signatures as needed, pages numbered according to format requirements; and

(h) Receive a minimum of 50% of the score possible on the EETT Scoring Criteria. Those criteria are incorporated by reference and were issued on April 9, 2003.

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