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Participation in STRS   

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(a) If a charter school chooses to make the State Teacher' s Retirement Plan available, all employees of the charter school who perform creditable service shall be entitled to have that service covered under the plan's Defined Benefit Program or Cash Balance Benefit Program, and all provisions of Part 13 (commencing with Section 22000) and Part 14 (commencing with Section 26000) shall apply in the same manner as the provisions apply to other public schools in the school district that granted the charter.

(b) (1) If a charter school offers its employees coverage by the State Teachers' Retirement System or the Public Employees' Retirement System, or both, the charter school shall inform all applicants for positions within that charter school of the retirement system options for employees of the charter school.

(2) The information shall specifically include whether the charter school makes available to employees coverage under the State Teachers' Retirement System, the Public Employees' Retirement System, or both systems, and that accepting employment in the charter school may exclude the applicant from further coverage in the applicant's current retirement system, depending on the retirement options offered by the charter of the charter school.

(Amended by Stats 2000, Ch. 1025, Sec. 40)


Education Code 22000

Education Code 26000