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Chapter 10. Courses of Study. Subchapter 1. High School Courses of Study. Article 1. Automobile Driver Education. General Provisions.   

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This article governs the establishment, conduct, and scope of, and establishes standards for, automobile driver education in high schools, except evening high schools.

"Automobile driver education" is classroom instruction described in Education Code Section 51220(j).

(a) A course in automobile driver education shall include instruction in the following areas:

(1) Driving is your responsibility.

(2) Major causes of accidents.

(3) The driver.

(4) Natural forces affecting driving.

(5) Signs, signals, and highway markings, and highway design features which require understanding for safe operation of motor vehicles.

(6) California Vehicle Code, rules of the road, and other state laws and local motor vehicle laws and ordinances.

(7) Differences in characteristics of urban and rural driving including safe use of modern expressways.

(8) Critical vehicle systems and subsystems requiring preventive maintenance.

(9) Pedestrian safety.

(10) Effects of alcohol and drugs.

(11) Motorcycle safety.

(b) If an allowance will be claimed for the laboratory phase of driver education based upon the driver education course, the course shall meet the requirements of Section 10044(a) and Education Code Sections 41906, 41907 and 51851.

(c) If an allowance described in (b) will not be claimed, the course may be taught by an instructor who holds a credential authorizing the holder to teach in all grades, 10, 11, and 12. In all other respects, the course shall meet the requirements of this article and of Education Code Section 51851.

Authority cited:

Education Code 51054


Education Code 51054

(Amended by Register 79, No. 45.)