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Chapter 11. Special Programs Subchapter 21. Mathematics And Reading Professional Development Program   

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(a) As used in Education Code section 99231(c), instructional materials "otherwise authorized" by the SBE include basic instructional materials as defined in Education Code section 60010(a) that have been determined to be in alignment with applicable content standards through a petition approved by the SBE after May 1, 2000, pursuant to Education Code section 60200(g).

(b) In addition, if the instructional materials program used by the LEA is a basic reading/language arts program (RLA), the instructional materials shall be deemed to be "otherwise authorized" provided the LEA certifies all of the following to the CDE prior to receiving the funding:

(1) The instructional materials were purchased by the district prior to the 2002 Reading/Language Arts/English Language Development Adoption (RLA/ELD);

(2) The LEA has in place specially designed instructional materials (component) to address the needs of EL pupils that is comparable to the instructional materials (component) approved and contained in the RLA/ELD programs adopted in January 2002 as approved by the SBE;

(3) The LEA's specially designed component to address the needs of EL pupils has been approved by the CDE for legal and social compliance pursuant to Education Code sections 60040-60048 and the SBE's "Standards for Evaluating Instructional Materials for Social Content" (2000 Edition) which is incorporated by reference; and

(4) The publishers have met all the requirements of Education Code section 60061, as applicable.

Authority cited:

Education Code 99236

Reference: Section

Education Code 99231

(Amended Register 2007, No. 47)