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The Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of attracting and retaining qualified administrative and supervisory personnel to help the district achieve its goals for student learning. To that end, the Board may employ certificated administrative and supervisory personnel and senior management of the classified staff on a contract basis. Prior to entering into any such contract, the Board and Superintendent shall consider the financial and legal implications of the contract in order to protect the district from any potentially adverse obligations.

(cf. 0000 - Vision)

(cf. 2121 - Superintendent's Contract)

(cf. 3460 - Financial Reports and Accountability)

(cf. 4111/4211/4311 - Recruitment and Selection)

(cf. 4300 - Administrative and Supervisory Personnel)

(cf. 4313.2 - Demotion/Reassignment)

(cf. 4314 - Transfers)

All contracts shall be ratified by the Board during an open session of a Board meeting and reflected in the Board's minutes. Copies of the contracts shall be available to the public upon request. (Education Code 35031; Government Code 53262)

(cf. 1340 - Access to District Records)

(cf. 9322 - Agenda/Meeting Materials)

(cf. 9324 - Minutes and Recordings)

During the term of the contract and with the consent of the employee, the Board may reemploy, effective on the next succeeding first day of July, a deputy, associate, or assistant superintendent and reelect/reemploy him/her on those terms and conditions mutually agreed upon by the Board and the employee for a new term to begin on the effective date of the termination of the existing term of employment. (Education Code 35031)

If the Board decides not to reelect or reemploy a deputy, associate, or assistant superintendent or a senior manager of the classified service upon the expiration of his/her term, it shall notify the employee in writing 45 days prior to the expiration of the term of the contract. (Education Code 35031)

Employee contracts shall include a provision specifying the legal maximum cash settlement that the employee may receive upon termination of the contract. (Government Code 53260)

(cf. 4117.5/4217.5/4317.5 - Termination Agreements)

Legal Reference:


35030 Title of deputy, associate or assistant superintendent for certain positions

35031 Term of employment

44842 Automatic declining of employment

44843 Notice of employment to county superintendent

44929.20 Continuing contract

44951 Continuation in position unless notified


53260-53264 Employment contracts

54954 Time and place of regular meetings

54957 Closed session, personnel matters

Management Resources:


Maximizing School Board Governance: The Board's Relationship to District Staff, 2007



Association of California School Administrators:


adopted: October 14, 2010 East Palo Alto, California