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Chapter 3. Certificated Employees, Article 1. Revocation and Suspension of Certification Documents   

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(a) If any person employed by a school district in a position requiring certification qualifications refuses, without good cause, to fulfill a valid contract of employment with the district or leave the service of the district without the consent of the superintendent, if any, or the governing board, of the district except in the manner provided for by law, the commission may, after proof of this fact is made to it, take an adverse action on the credential holder but may not suspend the credential for more than one year or revoke the credential.

(b) If the credentials issued to the person by the commission have been subject to adverse action pursuant to subdivision (a), the commission may, if the credentials again become subject to suspension under this section, suspend the credentials for not more than two years.

(c) The commission shall investigate allegations brought under this section in accordance with Section 44242.5.

(Amended by Stats. 2001, Ch. 342, Sec. 29.)


Education Code 44242.5