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Governing board staff assistants   

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If the governing board of any school district employs staff assistants or field representatives to directly assist the governing board or individual governing board members in carrying out their policymaking duties, such assistants or representatives shall be members of the classified service, except that such assistants or representatives shall be exempt from all provisions of this code relating to obtaining a permanent status in any position in the district, and procedures pertaining to the recruitment, appointment, classification, and salary of members of the classified service.

Staff assistants shall serve at the pleasure of a majority of the governing board, and each field representative appointed by the governing board to assist an individual member shall serve at the pleasure of such member.

It is the intent of the Legislature that persons employed under Section 45112 will not be utilized for election campaigns of board members during hours of their employment.

This section shall apply to districts that have adopted the merit system in the same manner and effect as if it were a part of Article 6 (commencing with Section 45240) of this chapter.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)


Education Code 45112

Education Code 45240