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Article 3. Temporary Transfer, County to District, Excess Balances   

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Whenever prior to the receipt by a community college district of its state, county, city and county, or district funds, any district does not have sufficient money to its credit to meet current expenses of maintenance, the board of supervisors of the county or city and county shall order, and the auditor and treasurer of the county or city and county shall make a temporary transfer from any funds of the county or city and county not immediately needed to pay claims against them to the school fund of the district of the amount needed, not exceeding 85 percent of the amount of money which will accrue to the community college district during the fiscal year. Upon the making of the transfer the auditor shall immediately notify the superintendent of schools of the county, or city and county, of the amount transferred. Each transfer of funds requested under this section shall be granted in order of receipt by the board of supervisors, regardless of whether sufficient county funds are available for transfer to meet pending or anticipated requests of community college districts.

The funds transferred under this section to the credit of a community college district shall be retransferred by the auditor and treasurer to the funds from which they were taken from the first moneys accruing to the district or county school service fund and before any other obligation of the district is paid from the money accruing.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)