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Program for the Pupil Personnel Services Credential with the Advanced Specialization in School Child Welfare and Attendance Services.   

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(a) In addition to the requirements contained in Section 80632.1 and one of the specializations contained in Section 80632.2, 80632.3, or 80632.4, the following specialized knowledge and skills shall be required for persons seeking the additional Specialization in School Child Welfare and Attendance.


(A) Knowledge, including:

1. State Code requirements governing school attendance.

2. Child labor laws, both federal and state.

3. State Code provisions pertaining to juvenile delinquency.

4. State Code provisions for tutoring and private school attendance in lieu of regular school attendance.

(B) Skills, including:

1. Conducting assessment of student attendance.

2. Interpreting attendance laws to students.

3. Intervening at appropriate times for solving attendance problems of students.

(b) Field practice shall be required of all candidates and shall be in addition to the field practice required in Sections 80632.2(b), 80632.3(b) or 80632.4(b).

(1) Field practice shall be in the knowledges and skills provided in subdivision (a)(l) of this section.

(2) Field practice shall be at least ninety (90) clock hours in duration, in a school setting, in direct contact with pupils assigned to the credential candidate by the college/university instructor and field supervisor.

(3) Field practice by credential candidates shall be under the supervision of an experienced practitioner (who holds a Pupil Personnel Services credential).

approved jointly by the college/university and the school district administration.

(c) Credit may be granted by the college/university toward the required ninety (90) hours provided in subdivision (b) of this section for equivalent field practice completed previously by the candidate as part of an approved Pupil Personnel Services program at the same or another institution of higher education.

Authority cited:

Education Code 44225(b) (4)

Education Code 44225(q)


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(Amended by Register 89, No. 14.)