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Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights   

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(a) Every employer shall, at reasonable times and at reasonable intervals, upon the request of a public safety officer, during usual business hours, with no loss of compensation to the officer, permit that officer to inspect personnel files that are used or have been used to determine that officer's qualifications for employment, promotion, additional compensation, or termination or other disciplinary action.

(b) Each employer shall keep each public safety officer's personnel file or a true and correct copy thereof , and shall make the file or copy thereof available within a reasonable period of time after a request therefor by the officer.

(c) If, after examination of the officer's personnel file, the officer believes that any portion of the material is mistakenly or unlawfully placed in the file, the officer may request, in writing, that the mistaken or unlawful portion be corrected or deleted. Any request made pursuant to this subdivision shall include a statement by the officer describing the corrections or deletions from the personnel file requested and the reasons supporting those corrections or deletions. A statement submitted pursuant to this subdivision shall become part of the personnel file of the officer.

(d) Within 30 calendar days of receipt of a request made pursuant to subdivision (c), the employer shall either grant the officer's request or notify the officer of the decision to refuse to grant the request. If the employer refuses to grant the request, in whole or in part, the employer shall state in writing the reasons for refusing the request, and that written statement shall become part of the personnel file of the officer.

(Added by Stats. 2000, Ch. 209, Sec. 1)