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spacer arrow 1221 General Provisions Concerning Education  
spacer arrow 1221-1 National policy with respect to equal educational opportunity  
spacer arrow 1221-2 National policy with respect to museums as educational institutions  
spacer arrow 1221e-3 General authority of the Secretary  
spacer arrow 1221e-4 Educational impact statement  
spacer arrow 1221e-1d Use of Council staff and facilities  
spacer arrow 1221j Television program assistance  
spacer arrow 1223 Forward funding  
spacer arrow 1225 Availability of appropriations on academic or school-year basis; additional period for obligation of funds  
spacer arrow 1226a Contingent extension of programs  
spacer arrow 1226a-1 Payments; installments, advances or reimbursement, and adjustments  
spacer arrow 1226b Responsibility of States to furnish information  
spacer arrow 1226c Biennial evaluation report  
spacer arrow 1226c-1 Availability of education reports, etc., to Congressional committees  
spacer arrow 1228 Prohibition against use of appropriated funds for busing  
spacer arrow 1228a Equity for students, teachers, annd other program beneficiarie  
spacer arrow 1228b Coordination  
spacer arrow 1228c Disclosure requirements  
spacer arrow 1231 Joint funding of programs  
spacer arrow 1231a Collection and dissemination of information  
spacer arrow 1231b-2 Review of applications  
spacer arrow 1231c Advice, counsel and technical assistance  
spacer arrow 1231d Parental involvement and dissemination  
spacer arrow 1231e Use of funds withheld  
spacer arrow 1231g Applications  
spacer arrow 1232 Regulations  
spacer arrow 1232a Prohibition against Federal control of education  
spacer arrow 1232b Labor standards  
spacer arrow 1232c State agency monitoring and enforcement  
spacer arrow 1232d Single State application  
spacer arrow 1232e Single local educational agency application  
spacer arrow 1232f Records  
spacer arrow 1232g Family educational and privacy rights  
spacer arrow 1232h Protection of pupil rights  
spacer arrow 1232i Limitations on withholding of Federal assistance  
spacer arrow 1232j Prohibition on federally sponsored testing  
spacer arrow 1234 Office of Administrative Law Judges  
spacer arrow 1234a Recovery of funds  
spacer arrow 1234b Measure of recovery  
spacer arrow 1234c Remedies for existing violations  
spacer arrow 1234d Withholding  
spacer arrow 1234e Cease and desist orders  
spacer arrow 1234f Compliance agreements  
spacer arrow 1234g Judicial review  
spacer arrow 1234h Use of recovered funds  
spacer arrow 1234i Definitions  
spacer arrow 1400 Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004; Part A-General Provisions. Table Of Contents; Findings; Purposes  
spacer arrow 1401 Definitions  
spacer arrow 1402 Office Of Special Education Programs  
spacer arrow 1403 Abrogation Of State Sovereign Immunity  
spacer arrow 1404 Acquisition Of Equipment; Construction Or Alteration Of Facilities  
spacer arrow 1405 Employment Of Individuals With Disabilities  
spacer arrow 1406 Requirements For Prescribing Regulations  
spacer arrow 1407 State Administration  
spacer arrow 1408 Paperwork Reduction  
spacer arrow 1409 Freely Associated States  
spacer arrow 1411 Part B--Assistance For Education Of All Children With Disabilities. Authorization; Allotment; Use Of Funds; Authorization Of Appropriations  
spacer arrow 1412 State Eligibility  
spacer arrow 1413 Local Educational Agency Eligibility  
spacer arrow 1414 Evaluations, Eligibility Determinations, Individualized Education Programs, And Educational Placements  
spacer arrow 1415 Procedural Safeguards  
spacer arrow 1416 Monitoring, Technical Assistance, And Enforcement  
spacer arrow 1417 Administration  
spacer arrow 1418 Program Information  
spacer arrow 1419 Preschool Grants  
spacer arrow 1431 Part C--Infants And Toddlers With Disabilities. Findings And Policy  
spacer arrow 1432 Definitions  
spacer arrow 1433 Grants. General Authority  
spacer arrow 1434 Eligibility  
spacer arrow 1435 Requirements For Statewide System  
spacer arrow 1436 Individualized Family Service Plan  
spacer arrow 1437 State Application And Assurances  
spacer arrow 1438 Uses Of Funds  
spacer arrow 1439 Procedural Safeguards  
spacer arrow 1440 Payor Of Last Resort  
spacer arrow 1441 State Interagency Coordinating Council  
spacer arrow 1442 Federal Administration  
spacer arrow 1443 Allocation Of Funds  
spacer arrow 1444 Authorization Of Appropriations  
spacer arrow 1450 Part D--National Activities To Improve Education Of Children With Disabilities.Findings  
spacer arrow 1451 Subpart 1--State Personnel Development Grants.Purpose; Definition Of Personnel; Program Authority  
spacer arrow 1452 Eligibility And Collaborative Process  
spacer arrow 1453 Applications  
spacer arrow 1454 Use Of Funds  
spacer arrow 1455 Authorization Of Appropriations  
spacer arrow 1461 Subpart 2--Personnel Preparation, Technical Assistance, Model Demonstration Projects, and Dissemination of Information. Purpose; Definition Of Eligible Entity  
spacer arrow 1462 Personnel Development To Improve Services And Results For Children With Disabilities  
spacer arrow 1463 Technical Assistance, Demonstration Projects, Dissemination Of Information, And Implementation Of Scientifically Based Research.  
spacer arrow 1464 Studies And Evaluations  
spacer arrow 1465 Interim Alternative Educational Settings, Behavioral Supports, And Systemic School Interventions  
spacer arrow 1466 Authorization Of Appropriations  
spacer arrow 1470 Subpart 3--Supports To Improve Results for Children With Disabilities. Purposes  
spacer arrow 1471 Parent Training And Information Centers  
spacer arrow 1472 Community Parent Resource Centers  
spacer arrow 1473 Technical Assistance For Parent Training And Information Centers  
spacer arrow 1474 Technology Development, Demonstration, And Utilization; Media Services; And Instructional Materials  
spacer arrow 1475 Authorization Of Appropriations  
spacer arrow 1481 Subpart 4--General Provisions.Comprehensive Plan For Subparts 2 And 3.  
spacer arrow 1482 Administrative Provisions  
spacer arrow 1651 Prohibition against assignment or transportation of students to overcome racial imbalance  
spacer arrow 1652 Prohibition against busing  
spacer arrow 1654 Intervention authorization in implementation of court orders  
spacer arrow 1655 Uniform rules of evidence of racial discrimination  
spacer arrow 1656 Prohibition against official or court orders to achieve racial balance or insure compliance with constitutional standards applicable to entire United States  
spacer arrow 1681 Chapter 38--Discrimination Based On Sex Or Blindness. Sex  
spacer arrow 1682 Federal administrative enforcement; report to Congressional committees  
spacer arrow 1683 Judicial review  
spacer arrow 1684 Blindness or visual impairment; prohibition against discrimination  
spacer arrow 1685 Authority under other laws unaffected  
spacer arrow 1686 Interpretation with respect to living facilities  
spacer arrow 1687 Interpretation of "program or activity"  
spacer arrow 1688 Neutrality with respect to abortion  
spacer arrow 1701 Subchapter I--Equal Educational Opportunities. Part 1--Policy and Purpose. Congressional declaration of policy  
spacer arrow 1702 Congressional findings  
spacer arrow 1703 Part 2--Unlawful Practices. Denial of equal educational opportunity prohibited  
spacer arrow 1704 Balance not required  
spacer arrow 1705 Assignment on neighborhood basis not a denial of equal educational opportunity  
spacer arrow 1706 Part 3--Enforcement. Civil actions by individuals denied equal educational opportunities or by Attorney General  
spacer arrow 1707 Population changes without effect, per se, on school population changes  
spacer arrow 1708 Jurisdiction of district courts  
spacer arrow 1709 Intervention by Attorney General  
spacer arrow 1710 Civil actions by Attorney General; notice of violations; certification respecting undertaking appropriate remedial action  
spacer arrow 1712 Part 4--Remedies. Formulating remedies; applicability  
spacer arrow 1713 Priority of remedies  
spacer arrow 1714 Transportation of students  
spacer arrow 1715 District lines  
spacer arrow 1716 Voluntary adoption of remedies  
spacer arrow 1717 Reopening proceedings  
spacer arrow 1718 Limitation on court orders; termination of orders conditioned upon compliance with fifth and fourteenth amendments; statement of basis for termination