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Record of hearing for review by county board   

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The county board of education shall determine the appeal from a pupil expulsion upon the record of the hearing before the district governing board, together with such applicable documentation or regulations as may be ordered. No evidence other than that contained in the record of the proceedings of the school board may be heard unless a de novo proceeding is granted as provided in Section 48923.

It shall be the responsibility of the pupil to submit a written transcription for review by the county board. The cost of the transcript shall be borne by the pupil except in either of the following situations:

(1) Where the pupil's parent or guardian certifies to the school district that he or she cannot reasonably afford the cost of the transcript because of limited income or exceptional necessary expenses, or both.

(2) In a case in which the county board reverses the decision of the local governing board, the county board shall require that the local board reimburse the pupil for the cost of such transcription.

(Repealed and added by Stats. 1983, Ch. 498, Sec. 91.)