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General Education-Breadth Objectives.   

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(This section applies to students who enter the curriculum on or after the commencement of the 1981-82 academic year.)

General education-breadth requirements in The California State University are so designed that, taken with the major depth program and elective credits presented by each candidate for the bachelor's degree, they will assure that graduates from the several campuses in the system have made noteworthy progress toward becoming truly educated persons. Particularly, the purpose of the breadth requirements is to provide means whereby graduates:

(a) will have achieved the ability to think clearly and logically, to find and critically examine information, to communicate orally and in writing, and to perform quantitative functions;

(b) will have acquired appreciable knowledge about their own bodies and minds, about how human society has developed and how it now functions, about the physical world in which they live, about the other forms of life with which they share that world, and about the cultural endeavors and legacies of their civilizations;

(c) will have come to an understanding and appreciation of the principles, methodologies, value systems, and thought processes employed in human inquiries.

It is the intent of this section that the general education-breadth requirements be planned and organized in such a manner that students will acquire the abilities, knowledge, understanding, and appreciation suggested as interrelated elements and not as isolated fragments.

There are three acceptable programs: The California State University General Education-Breadth Requirements (Section 40405.1), the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (Section 40405.2), and General Education Reciprocity with the University of California (Section 40405.3.)

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