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Administrative Procedures.   

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(a) Upon establishment of enrollment quotas for any campus pursuant to Section 40650 of this Article, admission of students otherwise qualified shall be within such quotas with the objective of providing maximum opportunity and appropriate diversity among students.

(b) In determinations of priority for admission

(1) The policy of the State that students who begin their higher education in California public Community Colleges be able to continue their education without interruption, shall be considered.

(2) The following factors may be considered:

(A) Previous enrollment at the campus;

(B) The applicant's degree or credential objective;

(C) Whether the applicant has completed military or other national service;

(D) Geographical proximity to the campus where the distance involved in attending another institution would create a hardship;

(E) Access to suitable educational alternatives,

(F) The date the application is filed; an application shall be considered filed as of the date it is postmarked or when it is personally delivered to the office on campus designated for such purpose.

(G) The needs of the campus in maintaining a balanced program with respect to foreign students, out-of-state students, recipients of scholarships and awards, and with respect to students who would make a significant contribution to the campus because of their background or special abilities.

(c) The Board of Trustees may, by resolution, establish particular Policies for the implementation of priorities authorized by this Section. The Chancellor shall establish methods of determining priorities to be applied by each campus within the provisions of this Section, including any implementing resolutions adopted by the Board of Trustees. In addition, the Chancellor is authorized to establish criteria for use in admission to impacted programs.

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(Amended by Register 82, No. 12.)