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Subchapter 5. Administration. Article 1. Community Relations Responsibilities. Definition of Community Relations Responsibilities of Campus Presidents   

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Community relations responsibilities of a campus president, referred to in Section 89044 of the Education Code, are defined to include:

(a) Membership and participation in the activities of community groups, including but not limited to service clubs and community-wide organizations of leading citizens in education, business, government, industry, and agriculture, with which a campus president should collaborate in order that the campus may properly serve the needs of the community.

(b) Official activities commonly engaged in by campus administrations and customarily recognized as essential for promoting and maintaining student, faculty, and staff morale and for developing and maintaining effective relations with the community. Such activities may include but are not limited to campus receptions, public ceremonies, and lay advisory committee meetings concerned with various aspects of the campus instructional program such as teacher education, business education, and engineering education.

(c) Providing essential accommodations and sustenance for official guests of the campus.

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Education Code 89044

(Amended by Register 82, No. 39.)