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Principles of Personal Information Management.   

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The following principles of personal information management shall be implemented within The California State University:

(a) There should be no personal information system the existence of which is secret.

(b) Personal information should not be collected unless the need for it has been clearly established in advance.

(c) Personal information should be appropriate and relevant to the purpose for which it has been collected.

(d) Personal information should not be transferred outside The California State University unless the transfer is compatible with the disclosed purpose for which it was collected.

(e) Personal information should be used as a basis for a decision only when it is accurate and relevant.

(f) There should be procedures established by which a person may learn what personal information about him or her has been retained by The California State University and where lawful, have those records disclosed to him or her, pursuant to the provisions of this Article.

(g) There should be established within The California State University procedures by which a person may request in writing addition to or deletion of personal information about himself or herself which does not meet the principles in this section. Such requests should be honored within a reasonable length of time or the person should be permitted to file a concise statement of dispute regarding the personal information which shall become a permanent part of the record, or, the disputed personal information should be destroyed.

(h) Precautions should be taken to prevent the unauthorized access to or use of personal information retained by The California State University.

These principles shall be construed and implemented so as to be consistent with an federal and state laws otherwise regulating or allowing for the use of personal information, including but not limited to Education Code Section 89546 relating to employee records and Education Code Sections 67000-67147.5 relating to student records.

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(Amended by Register 82, No. 39.)