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Authority of Campus President.   

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The president of each campus is responsible for the educational effectiveness, academic excellence, and general welfare of the campus, over which he presides. As stated, auxiliary organizations operate as an integral part of the overall campus program. Therefore, for the president to exercise his responsibility over the entire campus program, he shall require that auxiliary organizations operate in conformity with policy of the Board of Trustees and the campus.

To execute this authority, the president shall require that each auxiliary organization submit its programs and budgets for review at a time and in a manner specified by the president. Should the president determine that any program or appropriation planned by an auxiliary organization is not consistent with policy of the Board of Trustees and the campus, the program or appropriation shall not be implemented. Further, should a program or appropriation which had received approval, upon review, be determined by the president to be operating outside the acceptable policy of the Board of Trustees and the campus, then that program or appropriation shall be discontinued by direction of the president until further review is accomplished and an appropriate adjustment is made.

(Amended by Register 72, No. 35.)