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Article 4. Student Body Organization Funds. Approved Uses of Student Body Organization Funds.   

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The principle underlying the expenditure of student body organization funds collected through mandatory fees is that such expenditures shall be made in programs that reflect the broadest variety of student interests and that are open to all students who wish to participate. Student body organization funds obtained from mandatory fees may be expended for the following programs:

(a) Programs of cultural and educational enrichment and community service.

(b) Recreational and social activities.

(c) Support of student unions.

(d) Scholarships, stipends, and grants-in-aid for only currently admitted students in accordance with provisions of Section 42500, subdivision (d.)

(e) Tutorial programs.

(f) Athletic programs, both intramural and intercollegiate.

(g) Student publications.

(h) Assistance to recognized student organizations.

(i) Student travel insurance.

(j) Administration of student fee program.

(k) Student government-scholarship stipends, grants-in-aid, and reimbursements to student of officers for service to student government. Before such scholarship stipends, grants-in-aid, and reimbursements are established by a student body association, the principle of establishing such payments shall be approved by a student referendum.

(l) Student employment to provide payment for services in connection with the general administration of student fee.

(m) Augmentation of counseling services, including draft information, to be performed by the campus. Such counseling may also include counseling on legal matters to the extent of helping the student to determine whether he should retain legal counsel, and of referring him to legal counsel through a bar association, legal aid foundation or similar body.

(n) Transportation services.

(o) Child day care centers for children of students and employees of the campus.

(p) Augmentation of campus health services.

Additional programs may be added by appropriate amendment to this section by the Board.

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(Amended by Register 81, No. 38.)