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Salary Administration.   

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(a) Upon assignment of a position to one of the four Management Personnel Plan grade levels, the appointing power shall determine the salary to be paid and perquisites to be accorded to the employee in the position based upon the appointing power's assessment of the employee's merit and an assessment of the appointing power's need. Although no salary steps are prescribed, salary increments of approximately 1.0 percent shall be established for each salary range to facilitate salary administration and payroll processes.

(b) The appointing power may review and adjust a Management Personnel Plan employee's salary and perquisites. Such adjustment shall be based on the appointing power's evaluation of the employee's merit and the appointing power's need and shall be within funds allocated to the appointing power for such purpose. Adjustments of salary or perquisites or both salary and perquisites of a Management Personnel Plan employee shall be in accordance with a merit evaluation plan developed and administered by the appointing power. Unless otherwise prescribed by law, there shall be no general salary adjustments nor automatic adjustments for such employee. Adjustment of the salary range of an employee's grade level shall not automatically affect the employee's salary.

(c) The Chancellor shall budget a lump sum of money to each campus and to the headquarters office to support salary increases within funds available for this purpose. The Chancellor or President, as appropriate, shall determine the frequency and amount of salary and perquisite adjustments for Management Personnel Plan employees. An annual report of all employee compensation action taken shall be submitted by the campus President to the Chancellor or designee.

Authority cited:

Education Code 89030

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Education Code 89500