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Assignment to Academic Quarters.   

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(a) The initial assignment pattern of the three quarters constituting the academic year of an academic year employee during his or her first academic year shall be established in advance of the employee's appointment, and stated in the employer's appointment or assignment letter.

(b) Following the initial academic year of service of a newly appointed academic year employee, and, for a continuing academic year employee upon the conversion of his or her campus to quarter system year-round operations, and thereafter, assignment and reassignment of patterns of the three quarters constituting the employee's academic year, and the time which a compensating quarter off may be taken pursuant to Section 42754, subdivision (e) (2), will be considered in light of the needs of the academic employee and the needs of the department, and mutually agreed at the department, division, or school level as the Campus shall determine. If such agreement is not reached at the level or levels selected by the campus for such determinations, the final decision will be made by the president, consistent with the resolutions of the Board of Trustees applicable to quarter system year-round operations.

(c) Assignment of an academic year employee to academic quarters pursuant to subdivision (b) of this Section shall be determined at as early a date as is feasible, but in any event, at least one full quarter, or in the case of a campus converting from a semester system to quarter system year-round operations, one full semester, in advance of the beginning of the next succeeding academic year, unless the employee consents to a later determination. No such assignment may be made more than three years in advance of the beginning of the academic year to which it relates. Assignments pursuant to this Article are without reference to decisions on appointment, retention and tenure, which decisions shall continue to be governed by Articles 2 and 13 of this Subchapter.

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