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Special Rule Applicable to Campuses Phasing Out of Quarter System Year-Round Operations.   

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(a) The provisions of this section shall be applicable upon the determination by the Chancellor, in consultation with the president of the campus concerned, that it is necessary to phase out quarter system year-round operations at that campus for reasons of lack of financial support, Board of Trustee policy, or both.

(b) Upon a determination pursuant to subdivision (a) with respect to a particular campus, the president of that campus may authorize the waiver of any of the provisions of this Article (commencing with Section 42750) other than the obligation of the campus to compensate a faculty member for an extra quarter assignment and the provisions of subdivision (c) of Section 42754, but only if such waiver is determined to be necessary in a particular case in order to phase out quarter system year-round operations.

(c) Actions of a campus president pursuant to this section shall also be in conformance with such policy resolutions of the Board of Trustees as may be adopted, and with all other applicable requirements of law.

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(Amended by Register 82, No. 39.)