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Chapter 1. California State University Subchapter 7. Employees Article 4.2. Catastrophic Leave Donation Program Donation   

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(a) Only vacation and sick leave credits may be donated. Employees may donate a maximum of forty (40) hours of leave credits per fiscal year in increments of one hour or more. Donations are irrevocable. Donated leave credits may be used to supplement Industrial Disability leave, Nonindustrial Disability Insurance or Temporary Disability payments upon the application for these benefit(s) by an eligible employee. The total amount of leave credits donated and used may not exceed an amount sufficient to ensure the continuance of the employee's regular monthly rate of compensation.

(b) The total donated leave credits shall normally not exceed an amount necessary to continue the employee for three calendar months calculated from the first day of catastrophic leave. The appointing authority may approve an additional three-month period in exceptional cases. The leave shall not be deemed donated until actually transferred by the appointing authority's recordkeeper to the record of the employee receiving leave credits. Such transfer shall be accomplished at hte end of a pay period, and credits shall be transferred in the order of the dates actually pledged.

(c) For employees whose appointments have not been renewed, donated time may not be used beyond the emoployee's appointment expiration date in effect at the beginning of the disability.

(d) Unused donated leave crdits may not be used to receive service credit following a service or disability retirement.

Authority cited:

Education Code 89030

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Education Code 89500

(Amended By Register 2003, No. 1)