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Condition of Participation.   

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Participation in the reduced worktime program authorized by this Article shall be approved if the President determines that the reduction in time base is feasible in terms of the overall management and operation of services and programs.

(a) In determining whether participation is feasible, the President shall consider such factors as the following:

(1) Participation should not adversely affect provision of service to students or the public or create an unacceptable decline in the timeliness or quality of service rendered;

(2) Participation should not remove unique expertise or specialized skill needed to provide a service on a continuing basis during normal working hours

(3) Participation should not reduce the effectiveness of a multipart workflow process by reducing or shifting an integral part of that process performed by the employee;

(4) The cost of granting reduced worktime should not involve significant expenditures such as the purchase of additional equipment, acquisition of more office space or renovation of existing space to accommodate more personnel, or other costs which could not be considered incidental or routine;

(5) The granting of reduced worktime where the flow of work is heavy or constant should not adversely affect the unit's ability to regularly produce the work in a timely manner;

(6) The granting of reduced worktime should not accentuate existing recruitment difficulties in a work unit, and, therefore, have an adverse effect on the ability of the unit to effectively accomplish its work;

(7) The granting of reduced worktime should not result in a threat to health, safety, or property;

(8) The granting of reduced worktime should not adversely affect provision of office or departmental coverage or other services during assigned hours of operation.

(b) Generally, participation will be less feasible for employees who are in positions included in the Management Personnel Plan.

(c) If requests for reduced worktime exceed the number that can be granted within these provisions, employees may be selected based on program need.

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