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Article 6.4. Reduced Worktime Program for Academic Teaching Employees. Purpose and Definitions.   

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It is the purpose of the Board of Trustees in adopting this Article to implement Government Code Section 19996.20 et seq. and Education Code Section 89557 to provide a voluntary reduced worktime program, to the extent feasible, for full-time academic teaching employees of the California State University. "Reduced worktime" means working less than full time and taking a pro rata reduction in salary and benefits. Options available to teaching faculty in a reduced worktime program include:

(a) reducing the employee's time base;

(b) reducing the number of terms taught; or

(c) a combination of (a) and (b.)

Tenured full-time employees will derive the primary benefit from participation in this program since only tenured full-time employees retain tenure status when reducing their time base to less than full time. Full-time probationary employees choosing to reduce their time base to less than full time are, upon the reduction, temporary employees and lose the opportunity to gain credit toward tenure.

As used in this Article, "President" means president or designee of a California State University or College with regard to employees of a State University or College.

Authority cited:

Education Code 66600

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Education Code 89500

(Amended by Register 84, No. 41.)