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Article 6.7. Faculty Early Retirement Program. Purpose.   

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It is the purpose of the Board of Trustees in adopting this Article to provide qualifying tenured faculty the option of part-time service after early retirement, as authorized by applicable statutory provisions, Government Code Section 21155 for members of the Public Employees' Retirement System and Education Code Section 23918 for the members of the State Teachers' Retirement System. Faculty retirants under both systems, with certain exceptions and limitations, may serve in teaching positions with the California State University without reinstatement from retirement or any loss or interruption of retirement benefits. The Board of Trustees does not necessarily recommend such early retirement and subsequent part-time service to all employees. The faculty member is to base his or her election to participate in the program on an individual evaluation of the program's application and merits.

Authority cited:

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(Amended by Register 82, No. 39.)