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Form and Service of Order to Employee.   

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(a) The order to the employee to appear shall read substantially as follows:

"Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 8 of Division 5 of the Education Code, Chapters 1 and 5 of Division 8 of the Education Code, and of Government Code Section 1028.1, you as an employee of the California State University and Colleges are herewith ordered and required to appear before the Committee on Faculty and Staff Affairs of the Board of Trustees of the California State University and Colleges at in the City of __________, State of California, on the day of ___________, 19 __, at the hour of _____ o'clock, for the purpose of answering under oath such questions as may be then and there propounded to you with respect to matters specified in said Government Code Section 1028.1.

(b) The order shall be accompanied by a copy of Sections 1027.5,1028, and 1028.1 of the Government Code, and shall be served personally upon the employee. The order shall contain the following statement from Government Code 1028.1:

"Any employee who fails or refuses to appear or to answer under oath on any ground whatsoever any such questions so propounded shall be guilty of insubordination and guilty of violating this section and shall be suspended and dismissed from his employment in the manner provided by law."

Authority cited:

Education Code 66600

Education Code 89030

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Education Code 89042

Government Code 1028.1

(Amended by Register 82, No. 39.)