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Verification of Employee Organizations.   

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Each employee organization which desires to represent campus employees shall be required to furnish the Office of the Chancellor at the time of initial verification, and subsequently between October 1 and 15 of each year, a written statement containing:

(a) The name and address of the employee organization, its parent body, if any, and its affiliates, if any.

(b) The names and addresses of the employee organization's principal officers and all representatives who are authorized to represent the organization, specifying to which campus(s) each officers and representatives authority applies.

(c) A description of the employee classifications the employee organization is seeking to represent.

(d) A copy of the Constitution and By-laws of the organization, its parent body, if any, and its affiliates, if any.

(e) A statement that one of the organization's purposes is the representation of CSU employees concerning, in whole or in part, grievances, labor disputes, wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment of employees.

Employee organization shall promptly amend these written statements during each year as changes occur. The Office of the Chancellor will notify each campus of the filings concerning the campus.

Authority cited:

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Education Code 89500

(Amended by Register 82, No. 39.)