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Each bona fide association shall submit to the Chancellor or designee an annual registration statement on or about July 1 of each calendar year in a form prescribed by the Chancellor or designee. The registration statement shall include the following information: name of the bona fide association, its headquarters address, telephone number, list of principal officers and their mailing addresses. The statement shall also include a written certification that the bona fide association is observing and has observed in the past year the following:

(a) The purpose of the association is not to represent California State University employees or any other State employees on matters within the scope of representation; and

(b) The association does not have an affiliation with an employee organization of the California State University or any other State entity; and

(c) The association is not acting as an employee organization by filing unfair labor practice charges or competing to be an exclusive bargaining agent in unit certification elections of the California State University or any other State entity.

The statement shall be accompanied by a copy of the association's bylaws and a statement of the organization's purpose.

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