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(a) Environmental Documents. "Environmental Documents" means Draft and Final Environmental Impact Reports, Environmental Impact Statements, Initial Studies, Negative Declarations, Notices of Completion, Notices of Determination, and any other studies, reports, or documents required of the Trustees by environmental legislation or applicable administrative rules.

(b) Ministerial Projects. The term "Ministerial Projects" refers to projects in which the Trustees' actions involve only the use of fixed standards or objective measurements without personal judgment. Ministerial projects are not covered by the Environmental Quality Act of 1970; they therefore do not require an environmental study or the preparation of an Environmental Document.

(c) Project.

(1) The term "Project" refers to the whole of an action, which has a potential for resulting in a physical impact on the environment, directly or ultimately, that is any of the following:

(A) An activity directly undertaken by the Trustees including but not limited to, public works construction or related activities, clearing or grading of land and improvements to existing public structures, which will result in a physical change in the environment; ant the adoption of a new campus Master Plan or substantial revisions thereof.

(B) An activity undertaken by a person which is supported in whole or in part through contracts, grants, subsidies, loans, or other forms of assistance from the Trustees which will result in a physical change in the environment.

(C) The issuance by the Trustees of a lease, permit, license, or other entitlement for use to a person which use will result in a physical change in the environment.

(2) The term "Project" refers to the activity which is being approved and which may be subject to several discretionary approvals by governmental agencies. The term "Project" does not mean each separate governmental approval.

(3) The term "Project" does not include:

(A) Anything specifically exempted by state law.

(B) Proposals for legislation to be enacted by the state Legislature other than Trustee requests for authorization of funding independently from the Budget Act.

(C) Continuing administrative or maintenance activities such as purchases for supplies, personnel-related actions, emergency repairs to public service facilities, academic and other general policy and procedures making (except as they are applied to specific instances covered above), feasibility or planning studies.

(D) The submittal of proposals to a vote of the people of the state or of a particular community.

(E) Personnel actions.

(F) Ministerial Projects.

(d) Statewide Guidelines. The term "Statewide Guidelines" means the official regulations on environment applicable to all state agencies including the Trustees, as adopted by the Office of Planning and Research and the Secretary for the Resources Agency pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 21083. These regulations may be found in Chapter 3, Division 6 of Title 14, California Administrative Code, commencing with Section 15000.

(e) Trustees. As used in this subchapter, "Trustees" refers to the Board designated by Education Code Section 66600 and to the Board's authorized officers acting within the scope of their duties.

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(Amended by Register 82, No. 39.)