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Article 2. Functions of Auxiliary Organizations and Requirement for Written Agreements. Functions of Auxiliary Organizations.   

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Auxiliary organizations are formed to provide essential functions which are an integral part of the educational mission of a campus and the California State University.

(a) The following functions have been determined by the Board to be appropriate for auxiliary organizations to perform in accordance with applicable policies, rules, and regulations:

(1) Student Body Organization Programs;

(2) Bookstores, Food Services, and Campus Services;

(3) Housing;

(4) Student Union Programs;

(5) Supplementary Health Services;

(6) Loans, Scholarships, Grants-in-Aids, Stipends, and Related Financial Assistance;

(7) Externally Funded Projects Including Research, Workshops, Conferences, and Institutes;

(8) Instructionally-related Programs, and activities, including Agriculture, Athletics, Radio and Television Stations, Newspapers, Films, Transportation, Printing and other Instructionally Related Programs and Activities;

(9) Alumni Programs;

(10) Gifts, bequests, devises, endowments, trusts and similar funds;

(11) Public relations, fundraising, fund management, and similar development programs;

(12) Acquisition, development, sale, and transfer of real and personal property including financing transactions related to these activities.

(b) Gifts, grants, or other donations received by an auxiliary organization shall be accepted, maintained, and used in accordance with policies, rules, and regulations of the Board of Trustees.

(c) Auxiliary organizations may issue debt instruments to finance or refinance projects in connection with their mission upon prior approval of the campus president and pursuant to policies of the Board of Trustees as may be implemented by the Chancellor. For purposes of this section, "debt instruments" means loans, notes, bonds, finance leases, installment purchase or sale agreements, and certificates of participation.

(d) Student loans, scholarships, stipends and grants-in-aid shall only be given to currently admitted students. A record of such financial assistance shall be forwarded on a timely basis to the campus financial aid office and shall be documented on student financial aid recipient records kept in that office. All such financial assistance provided from student body organization funds shall be approved by the campus financial aid office before such funds are expended, and shall not exceed amounts to be provided under regulations of federal and state financial aid programs, except as provided under /cgi-bin/om_isapi.dll?clientID=343677&infobase=ccr&jump=5%3a42403&softpage=Document42 - JUMPDEST_5:42403section 42403, subdivision (b).

(e) An auxiliary organization shall not engage in a function not listed in subdivision (a) of this section unless an appropriate amendment is made to subdivision (a) by the Board of Trustees, adding said function to the list of approved functions of auxiliary organizations, or unless such function is essential to satisfy the corporation laws of the State of California.

Authority cited:

Education Code 89030

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Education Code 89900

(Amended by Register 2000, No. 11)