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Division 5. Board Of Trustees Of The California State Universities. Chapter 1. California State University. Subchapter 7. Employees. Article 6.9. Reductions In Pay For Non-Represented Employees. Reductions in Pay.   

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(a) The following terms are defined for this Article:

(1) "Reduction in pay" means a reduction in base pay.

(2) "Financial crisis" means an event(s), occurrence(s) or state of affairs creating an imminent and substantial deficiency in California State University financial resources that severely impacts the California State University's ability to sustain ongoing operations or to fulfill its mission.

(b) Upon a finding by the Chancellor of a natural disaster, epidemic or other major debilitating event that significantly impacts the operations of the California State University, or a financial crisis as defined in this Article, either systemwide or on one or more campuses, the Chancellor may implement reductions in pay for non-represented, Management Personnel Plan and Executive employees. The Chancellor may suspend any Title 5 regulation(s) and/or any California State University policy(ies) encompassing work hours and/or wages which he or she deems necessary to effectuate this provision. The Chancellor will determine the period of time reductions in pay will remain in effect.

(c) Nothing in this section limits or restricts the Chancellor's, or any President's, ability to reduce pay as authorized or permitted elsewhere in this Subchapter 7, or in any California State University policy.

Authority cited:

Education Code 89030

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Education Code 89030

Education Code 89500

(Added by Register 2009, No. 30.)