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Student body funds   

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All money collected by a campus of the California State University on behalf of a student body organization under Sections 89046, 89047, 89300, 89301, and 89750, shall be available for such purposes of the student body organization as are approved by the trustees.

The chief fiscal officer of each campus of the California State University shall be custodian of these moneys and provide the necessary accounting records and controls thereof.

These funds may be expended by the custodian only upon the submission of an appropriate claim schedule by officers of the student body organization.

The campus of the California State University shall be reimbursed by the student body organization an amount to cover the cost of the custodial and accounting services provided by the campus of the California State University in connection with these funds.

Student body funds used for scholarships, grants-in-aid, stipends, loans, and similar expenditures shall conform to the regulations of the trustees. The funds shall be approved by the financial aids office before the funds are expended and shall be reflected on the student's record kept in that office. The student's financial aid record shall include all the funds received by the student.

(Amended by Stats. 1983, Ch. 143, Sec. 119.)


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