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Tuition fees for special sessions   

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Tuition fees adequate, in the long run, to meet the cost of maintaining special sessions in the California State University shall be required of, and collected from, students enrolled in each special session under and pursuant to rules and regulations prescribed by the trustees.

"Special sessions," as used in this division, means self-supporting instructional programs conducted by the California State University. The special sessions shall include, but not be limited to, career enrichment and retraining programs. It is the intent of the Legislature that those programs, currently offered on a self-supporting basis by the California State University during summer sessions, may be provided throughout the year, and shall be known as special sessions. The self-supporting special sessions shall not supplant regular course offerings available on a non-self-supporting basis during the regular academic year.

(Amended by Stats. 1983, Ch. 143, Sec. 143.)