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Academic Year Employee.   

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(a) Each academic year employee is entitled to earned vacation on days falling between the end of his or her academic year and the beginning of his or her next academic year and on days designated in the local campus calendar as campus academic holidays during his or her academic year, except that the number of campus academic holidays scheduled and observed on regular state workdays which is equal to the number of state holidays on which an academic year employee is required to work is compensating time off for time worked on state holidays.

(b) A continuing full-time academic year employee after at least one academic year of full-time service at a campus on quarter system year-round operations may, pursuant to Section 42752, be permitted to take a vacation quarter during the first, second or third quarter of his or her academic year in lieu of vacation between the end of that academic year and the beginning of the next academic year. An academic year employee taking vacation in advance of the completion of his or her academic year shall be obligated to complete his or her academic year of service during the four quarter period or, upon approval of the president, during the next succeeding four quarter period; provided, however, that this obligation shall be further deferred for any period during which the employee is a "person in military service" as that phrase is defined in the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940, as amended, of the United States (50 App. U.S.C. Section 501, et seq..) This obligation shall be exonerated by the employee's death or disability.

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