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Article 9. Requirements for Admission to Teacher Basic Credential Programs and Student Teaching and Recommendation for Teaching Credential. Admission   

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To be admitted to a teacher education basic credential program, a candidate for admission shall be evaluated by the campus as provided in subsection (a) and shall be determined to have satisfied all entrance requirements of the California State University as provided in this section.

(a) Evaluation Procedure. When a candidate requests admission to a teacher education basic credential program, the campus shall evaluate the candidate and review the candidate's record in accordance with the review and evaluation procedures established at the campus. The teacher education faculty shall be involved in this review and evaluation. The decision of the campus resulting from this evaluation shall be final.

(b) Evaluation Standards. Requirements for admission to a teacher education basic credential program shall be prescribed by the Chancellor, after appropriate consultation, and shall include the following:

(1) Scholarship. The candidate shall have attained a grade point average that is equal to or greater than a standard established by the Chancellor in consultation with the faculty. That standard shall ensure that successful candidates will have demonstrated academic achievement that places them in the upper half of a comparable student population, in conformity with criteria adopted by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

(2) Prerequisite Courses and Field Experience. The candidate shall have successfully completed at least one documented field experience as prescribed by the Chancellor and other prerequisite courses prescribed by the campus.

(3) Professional Aptitude. The candidate shall demonstrate suitable aptitude for teaching in public schools, as determined by the campus. The procedures for making this determination shall include interviews and letters of recommendation.

(4) Physical Fitness. The candidate shall satisfy the standards of health and physical fitness required by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

(5) Fundamental Skills. The candidate shall demonstrate proficiency in fundamental skills. Fundamental skills shall include written and spoken English. The Chancellor may require the demonstration of proficiency in additional fundamental skills for entrance to or continuation in a basic credential program. The campus shall determine whether the evidence of proficiency is acceptable.

(6) Personality and Character. The candidate shall demonstrate personality and character traits that satisfy the standards of the teaching profession. The assessment of the candidate shall be made by the teacher education faculty of the campus, who may also consider information from public school personnel and others. Tests, observations, and interviews may be employed by the campus for this assessment.

(c) Exceptions. The campus may admit a candidate to a teacher education program as an exception when the candidate has not met one or more of the requirements if the candidate possesses compensating strengths in other required areas. A campus may grant exceptions that are conditioned on satisfaction of requirements within a specified time period. The campus shall limit the number of exceptional admissions to teacher education programs in the current year to a number no greater than 15 percent of those regularly admitted to the campus teacher education program in the current or previous year.

(d) The evaluation standards established by the Chancellor may vary with the type of basic credential program to which admission is sought. The standards may be based, as appropriate, on one or more of the following: undergraduate class standing or post-baccalaureate standing; completion of, partial completion of, or enrollment in an approved subject matter program; submission of examination scores or passage of one or more examinations; possession of a certificate of clearance; offer of employment as an intern teacher in a collaborating district.

(e) A candidate who has been determined by a campus to meet the minimum standards for entrance to a basic credential program shall be considered to be eligible for admission to a basic credential program of the same type that is offered by any other California State University campus and that is not impacted pursuant to Sections 40650 and 40651.

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Education Code 89030


Education Code 89030

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