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Employee Use of Technology   

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Acceptable Use Agreement Form Summary Of Policy

Significant components of the Employee Use of Technology Acceptable Use Agreement include but are not limited to the following, which are intended only to highlight (and summarize but not define) some of the rules contained in the Policy:

* Employees have absolutely no expectation of privacy in their use of any District electronic information resources ("EIR"), including email or in District electronic records located on personal computers and other devices

* Employees are to use District EIR in furtherance of the District's mission and not in any way not in furtherance of the mission

* Employees' personal devices, including computers, cellphones, "smartphones", and tablets (iPad, Nook, Kindle, etc.), are covered by many aspects of the Policy

* Installing/downloading commercial software applications (Apps) is prohibited for District devices and is discouraged for any personal devices that will be connected in any way to District EIR

* Connection of personal devices to District EIR, including flash or thumb drives and collected data relating to the connection, will be monitored

* Employees' personal email sent or received using District EIR is being captured and stored

* Employees must use password and other protections for personal computers and devices used for District-related purposes

* Employees may not bypass or evade, or attempt to bypass or evade, District filtering systems

* Violations of the Policy may lead to discipline, up to and including dismissal from employment


I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the provisions of the entire Employee Acceptable Use Policy for Computers, Electronic Devices, Network, and Other Electronic Information Resources which has been made available to me either or both in hard copy and/or electronic format, and which I understand remains available for review on the District's website. I understand use of District EIR is a privilege, not a right, and that I have no expectation of privacy in my use of District EIR, and that my misuse may result in restriction or cancellation of my usage privileges and lead to disciplinary and/or legal action, as set forth in the Policy. I will transfer from my personal devices all District-related records.

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version: August 14, 2018 Shafter, California