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Residency; ADA   

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A student shall be deemed to be a resident of the high school district in which he lived at the time of his admission to the program and the excess cost for a school year of educating such student shall be paid by the high school district of which he is a resident to the county superintendent who is providing education for the students. The excess cost shall be determined by dividing the total current expense of education as defined in Section 41372 and also excluding expense of boarding and lodging during such school year by the total number of units of average daily attendance in such school or classes during such school year, less state and federal apportionments on account of such average daily attendance.

Average daily attendance of students shall be computed, for purposes of this article, by dividing the number of days such student attended the schools or classes by the number of days that the schools or classes were taught, except that with respect to a student attending such schools or classes for more than 175 days in a school year, the average daily attendance shall be computed by using the divisor of 175.

For purposes of computing average daily attendance 180 minutes of class attendance shall be deemed to constitute a schoolday, and no more than 15 hours of class time per week shall be considered.

Not later than July 15th of each year, the superintendent of schools of the county providing education for students shall forward his claim for the excess expense reimbursement to the high school district of residence of each student during the preceding school year, and the governing board of such high school district shall upon receipt thereof pay such claims.

The governing board of the high school district to which the claim is presented may include in its budget the amount necessary to pay the claim, and, if the amount is included in the budget, the board of supervisors shall levy a school district tax to raise the amount. The school district tax shall be in addition to any other school district tax authorized by law to be levied. All amounts raised by such a tax shall be expended only for the purposes of this article.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)


Education Code 41372