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(a) School-based educational technology grants shall be provided to school districts and county offices of education, as specified in Section 51876, for the purposes of developing, adapting, or expanding existing technological applications to support general education, English acquisition, and non-English-speaking parent education programs. Priority shall be given to applicants whose projects involve collaboration with a postsecondary educational institution.

(b) Funding shall be allocated on a per project basis, based upon pupil enrollment at the applicant schoolsite.

(c) Not less than 30 percent of each project's funding shall be used for staff development, local planning, and evaluation activities.

(d) Each grant recipient is encouraged to solicit resources from business and industry.

(e) Each grant recipient shall develop a technology we plan, as follows:

(1) The plan shall be consistent with district level or local planning for educational technology, and, in the case of school districts, and county offices of education, shall support the local and state curriculum frameworks.

(2) Each plan shall be developed in concert with local planning procedures and plans, to include school improvement plans, school development plans, and other established state and federally mandated planning procedures.

(3) Each plan shall include a planning, staff development, and evaluation component.

(f) Each grant recipient shall provide an annual evaluation to the appropriate governing body, and to the Education Council for Technology in Learning on the level of implementation, and the impact of the project on teaching and learning.

(g) The minimum funding level for necessary small schools that receive funding pursuant to Article 4 (commencing with Section 42280) of Chapter 7 of Part 24 shall not be less than four thousand dollars ($4,000) per school, adjusted annually for inflation.

(Amended by Stats. 1995, Ch. 767, Sec. 11.)