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On or before January 1, 1996, the State Department of Education shall contract with an independent evaluator to prepare a comprehensive evaluation of the relative impact, costs, and benefits of each of the grant program conducted pursuant to this article. The evaluation shall do all of the following:

(a) Identify levels of implementation of each of the contract or grant programs established pursuant to this article in relation to program standards established by the education segments with the advice of the Education Council for Technology in Learning.

(b) Identify factors that constrain and facilitate the implementation of the funded program.

(c) Asses the impact of programs and projects on the overall program, curriculum implementation, instructional strategies, pupil learning, the attitudes of pupils, and the problem solving skills of pupils, as well as the extent to which the program meets critical educational needs.

(d) Assist in the identification of effective programs.

(e) Determine the extent to which library media centers have available appropriate equipment, technology-based resources, and networks for staff and pupil use.

(f) Determine the extent to which statewide electronic voice, video, and data network have been established, the extent to which it is used appropriately, and its cost-effectiveness relative to pupil achievement and staff productivity.

(g) Determine the extent to which duplication of technology-based resources has been accomplished.

(h) Determine the extent tow which equity of access to technology -based resources has been accomplished.

the evaluation results shall be disseminated to the grant program participant, the educational segments, the Legislature, and the governor on or before February 1, 1997.

(Added by Stats. 1992, Ch. 1309, Sec. 2.)