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(a) School districts which elect to implement an impacted language program in accordance with the requirements of this article shall submit an application to the State Department of Education certifying that there are insufficient appropriately qualified bilingual-crosscultural teachers available for employment in the district. The application shall also demonstrate that the program will provide for all of the following:

(1) The conducting of at least one public hearing for purposes of planning an impacted language program.

(2) The development of language arts and subject content curricula for impacted language groups utilizing available state and federal funding.

(3) Documented evidence that existing bilingual-crosscultural instructional programs will not be adversely affected or reduced through the implementation of an impacted language program.

(4) Where appropriate, the employment of impacted language liaisons to facilitate communication between school personnel, pupils, and parents of impacted language groups.

(5) The establishment of a plan for the recruitment of bilingual-crosscultural teachers, the development of career ladder opportunities, and in-service training programs.

(6) Documentation that the community and impacted language populations have been consulted regarding the implementation of an impacted language program.

(7) The submission of an annual report to the State Department of Education in the manner prescribed by the department regarding the number of classes established under the program and the number of pupils served.

(b) No application submitted pursuant to this section shall be approved by the Superintendent of Public Instruction if he or she determines that there is an approved bilingual teacher training institution that is enrolling students for the impacted language for which an application has been submitted which is within a reasonable distance from the applicant school district.

(Added by Stats. 1984, Ch. 1364, Sec. 2.)