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Types of programs   

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(a) The State Board of Education may establish programs of the following types:

(1) Establishment of new curricula or modification of existing curricula in connection with the education and training of prospective teachers, to incorporate instruction in methods and techniques developed by competent authorities designed to enable teachers effectively to teach disadvantaged children.

(2) Research and consultative work projects undertaken to assist state and local public school agencies in carrying out their responsibilities under this chapter.

(3) Independently, or in cooperation with any public or private agency or organization, engaging in research and development undertakings directed to overcoming disadvantage, together with related activities involving evaluation, demonstration, and dissemination of findings having to do with programs of compensatory education.

(b) It is the intent and aim of the Legislature that the University of California and the California State University participate to the extent practicable with local public school agencies and the State Board of Education in their endeavors under this chapter. It is recommended that greater attention be devoted in the training of teachers to their preparation in the techniques and skills required to cope with the problems of disadvantaged children at the preschool as well as the elementary and secondary level. The University of California and the California State University are urged to participate at the local level in the programs being administered by the local public school authorities and agencies, and to provide all technical and personnel services practicable.

(Amended by Stats. 1983, Ch. 143, Sec. 38.)