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Annual measurable objectives.   

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(a) Each State must establish annual measurable objectives that--

(1) Identify for each year a minimum percentage of students that must meet or exceed the proficient level of academic achievement on the State's academic assessments; and (2) Ensure that all students meet or exceed the State's proficient level of academic achievement within the timeline under Sec. 200.15.

(b) The State's annual measurable objectives--

(1) Must be the same throughout the State for each school, each LEA, and each group of students under Sec. 200.13(b)(7); and (2) May be the same for more than one year, consistent with the State's intermediate goals under Sec. 200.17.

(Authority: 20 USC 6311(b)(2))

(Amended by Federal Register, Vol.67, No.231, December 2,2002 effective Jan 2, 2003)