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Duties of paraprofessionals.   

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(a) A paraprofessional covered under Sec. 200.58 may not be assigned a duty inconsistent with paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) A paraprofessional covered under Sec. 200.58 may perform the following instructional support duties:

(1) One-on-one tutoring for eligible students if the tutoring is scheduled at a time when a student would not otherwise receive instruction from a teacher.

(2) Assisting in classroom management.

(3) Assisting in computer instruction.

(4) Conducting parent involvement activities.

(5) Providing instructional support in a library or media center.

(6) Acting as a translator.

(7) Providing instructional support services.

(c)(1) A paraprofessional may not provide instructional support to a student unless the paraprofessional is working under the direct supervision of a teacher who meets the requirements in Sec. 200.56.

(2) A paraprofessional works under the direct supervision of a teacher if--

(i) The teacher plans the instructional activities that the paraprofessional carries out; (ii) The teacher evaluates the achievement of the students with whom the paraprofessional is working; and (iii) The paraprofessional works in close and frequent physical proximity to the teacher.

(d) A paraprofessional may assume limited duties that are assigned to similar personnel who are not working in a program supported with funds under subpart A of this part--including non-instructional duties and duties that do not benefit participating students--if the amount of time the paraprofessional spends on those duties is the same proportion of total work time as the time spent by similar personnel at the same school.

(Authority: 20 USC 6319(g))

(Added by Federal Register, Vol.67, No.231 December 2,2002 effective January 2,2003.)