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Parental Notifications   

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Parents shall receive annual notification of required announcements as contained in the Education Code, CAC Title 5, plus selected issues related to the operation of the school program.

The notice shall be distributed at the beginning of each school year in September.

The notice may be sent by regular mail or by any other method normally used by the school to communicate with the parents in writing.

Families enrolling students during the school year shall be provided with this notice as part of the school's standard registration procedure.

Notifications shall be translated as required by State and Federal regulations and parents/guardians will be required to acknowledge receipt via physical or electronic signature.

Legal Reference:


48980 Required notification at beginning of term; rights or responsibilities; individualized instruction; nutrition; fingerprinting

48981 Time and means of notification

48982 Signature; return to school; effect of signature

48983 Contents of notice

48984 Activities prohibited unless notice given

48985 Notices to parents in language other than English

49063 Notification of parents of their rights


adopted: October 15, 1979 Riverside, California

revised: January 19, 1993

revised: June 26, 2018