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Identification and Placement.   

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The final determination of eligibility of a pupil, as provided in Section 3820, for gifted and talented programs shall rest with the administrative head of the school district or a designated employee of the district in accordance with procedures adopted by the local Governing board.

(a) This school employee shall base a decision upon the evaluation of the pertinent evidence by the school Principal or a designee of the school principal, a classroom teacher familiar with the school work of the pupil, and, when appropriate, a credentialed school psychologist.

(b) To determine the full range of a pupil's capability, a person recognized as an expert in the gifted and talented category under consideration, and/or an individual who has in-depth understanding of the pupil's linguistic or cultural group shall participate in the evaluation of the evidence unless there is no doubt as to the pupil's eligibility.

(c) These individuals may review screening, identification, and placement data in serial order provided that these individuals shall meet to resolve differences in assessment and recommendations.

(d) This shall not preclude the use of an identification and placement committee.

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