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Subchapter 4. Minimum Standards for Programs. Article 1. General. General Standards.   

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The following general standards apply to an types of gifted and talented programs:

(a) Unique opportunities for high-achieving and under-achieving pupils who are identified as gifted and talented shall be provided.

(b) Districts shall make provisions for ensuring participation of pupils in the upper range of intellectual ability.

(c) Districts shall make provisions for ensuring full participation of pupils from disadvantaged and varying cultural backgrounds.

(d) The quality of existing programs for gifted and talented pupils shall be maintained and/or improved.

(e) Experimentation with a variety of programmatic approaches and cost levels shall be encouraged.

(f) Written consent of a parent, guardian. or other person having actual custody and control of the pupil shall be on file with the district prior to the pupil's participation in the program.

(g) The district program shall meet the specific needs and requirements, as specified in Education Code Section 52200(c), of gifted and talented pupils. Academic components shall be included in all program offerings.

(h) The district program shall reflect the assessed needs of its identified pupils.

(i) All identified gifted and talented pupils shall have an opportunity to participate in the gifted and talented program.

(j) The district shall develop a written Plan for the district program which shall be available for public inspection. The written plan shall describe the appropriately differentiated curricula for identified gifted and talented pupils as well as specify the methods used to examine the appropriateness of the identified pupil's total educational experience including articulation with other specially funded programs which serve gifted and talented pupils. The plan shall include:

(1) The purposes of the program, including the general goals and specific objectives which pupils are expected to achieve;

(2) The rationale for the district's method of identification of gifted and talented pupils;

(3) Where appropriate, Procedure for the consideration of the identification and placement of a pupil who was identified as gifted or talented in the district from which the pupil transferred;

(4) The services to be rendered and the activities to be included for pupils participating in special day classes, receiving special services, or participating in special activities for an amount of time as specified in Education Code Section 52206;

(5) Plan for evaluating the various components of the program. Evaluation shall include an annual review of pupil progress and of the administration of the program;

(6) Procedures for modifying the district gifted and talented program on the basis of the annual review;

(7) A staff development plan based upon a needs assessment which includes specification of requisite competencies of teachers and supervisory personnel;

(8) Procedures for ensuring continuous parent participation in recommending policy for Planning, evaluating, and implementing the district program;

(9) A procedure to inform parents of a pupil's participation or nonparticipation in the gifted and talented program;

(10) An objective related budget.

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