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Chapter 11. Special Programs Subchapter 18. Grant Program for Healthy Start Article 1. Grants Definitions.   

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Throughout this subchapter, unless otherwise indicted by the context:

(a) "Applicant" is a California local educational agency or consortium of local educational agencies involved in local agency collaboration that submits an application on behalf of qualifying schools for Healthy Start funds.

(b) "Application" is that document submitted in response to the Request for Applications.

(c) "Application narrative" is that portion of the application wherein the applicant provides a written description of local conditions and the proposed Healthy Start initiative.

(d) "Client-centered outcomes" means specific improvements in the academic performance, health status and psycho-social functioning of children and families.

(e) "Comprehensive, integrated, school-linked services" means the establishment of a comprehensive, integrated system of services  which includes school, health and human service providers, and community groups and provides assistance to children and families across multiple service areas.

(f) "Elements" are the requisite components that each application for funds must contain.

(g) "Local agency collaboration," as stated in Education Code section 8806, ensures on-going consultation and collaboration with local agencies and involves, at a minimum, parents or guardians and teachers of eligible pupils and representatives of each member agency or private partner who will provide, or is anticipated to provide, services pursuant to the Healthy Start Support Services for Children Act (Education Code section 8800 et seq.).

(h) "Request for Applications" is the California Department of Education announcement for competitive award of grants for the Healthy Start Program.

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