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Continuation Classes   

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(a) The governing board of each district maintaining high schools and accepting funds made available for purposes of this section shall establish and maintain a program which ensures that each pupil, upon reaching the age of 16 years or prior to the end of grade 10, whichever occurs first, has received a systematic review of his or her academic progress and counseling regarding his or her educational options during the final two years of high school. The program shall be adopted at a public meeting of the governing board and shall include all of the following:

(1) Provision for individualized review of the pupil's academic and deportment records.

(2) Provision for a meeting with the pupil and where feasible, with the pupil's parent or guardian, to explain the pupil's record, his or her educational options, the coursework and academic progress needed for satisfactory completion of high school, and the effect of that coursework and academic progress upon the pupil's options for postsecondary education and employment. Educational options shall include regional occupational centers and programs, continuation schools, academic programs, and any other alternatives available to pupils of the district.

(3) Provision for services of teachers, counselors, and others designated by the governing board to provide the individualized review and assistance to pupils pursuant to paragraphs (1) and (2). To the maximum extent feasible, regional occupational center or program counselors shall actively participate in, and the local business community shall be involved in, career guidance activities.

(b) The program shall give first priority to identifying pupils who are not earning credits at a rate that will enable them to graduate with the rest of their class, and to providing these pupils with counseling services funded pursuant to Section 48431.7.

(c) This section shall become inoperative on July 1, 2005, and, as of January 1, 2006, is repealed, unless a later enacted statute that is enacted before January 1, 2006, deletes or extends the dates on which it becomes inoperative and is repealed.

(Amended by Stats. 2004, Ch. 871, Sec. 16.)


Education Code 48431.7